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Can Nutritional Supplementation Reduce Psychological Stress

In February 2019, I invited my clients to participate in a clinical trial investigating the individual effects of a probiotic, glutamine and fish oil in patients with both mild gastrointestinal symptoms and mild to moderate psychological distress. The trial was conducted by the School of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University.

Late last year I was thrilled to be included as an author in the final report of the N-of-1 Clinical trial. I have included a copy of the article below including a downloadable PDF. For those who are interested in supporting mental health and may suffer long term digestive dysfunction can be informed on how treating cognitive function and gastrointestinal health concurrently can improve symptoms measurably.

Prior to participating in the clinical trial, I did not have exposure to specific pathology that relates to the microbiome of the small intestine. Actively measuring the change in probiotic species in the digestive system before and after the interventions was proof that there is something truly profound to be explored in treating the brain/gut axis. This validation is confirmed when the comparisons in symptoms of stress, distress and gastrointestinal symptom scores are compared. (see article tables)

As mental health has continued to become such a prevalent condition in complementary and allopathic medicine, I honestly feel that the knowledge I gain from the clinical trial will benefit my clients and myself for years to come.

I would like to thank Professor Sandra Grace and Joanne Bradbury for their efforts in conducting the clinical trial. I would also wish to offer my gratitude in having the opportunity to be published in the ATMS Journal.

To my client who was involved in the clinical trail, I would like her to know that her involvement not only benefited her but potentially could help so many others who struggle on a daily basis with mental health and associated digestive ailments. Thank you to my client for your honesty, reliability and appreciation in participating in the clinical trial. It was truly rewarding to have someone who therapeutically benefited from the trial.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or are considering such treatment protocols for yourself.

ATMS+Journal+Summer+2020 MWassef Article
Download • 372KB

Download the clinical trial article using the above PDF link or view it below.


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