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Two Types

Initial Nutritional Consult

Your initial consultation will involve me taking your case which will involve questions around your health history. This may appear lengthy however some of the seemingly irrelevant details may relate to current health concern. Questions are asked in a non-judgemental manner, please do not feel that you need to be embarrassed about your habits. For your initial consultation please allow an hour of your time.

Follow-up Nutritional Consult

In our follow up consultation we will together formulate treatment goals that will improve the presenting symptom. We will work with all aspects of your health: diet and lifestyle. I will formulate a menu plan and lifestyle recommendations that will assist you achieve your goals. Long term you may see me as you need just for maintenance or as new conditions may arise with your health. I consider my treatments to compliment allopathic medicine, it does not need to be a one or the other.

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