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Can supplementation reduce psychological distress?

Do you suffer with stress, anxiety and mild depression? I am currently looking for recruits for a clinical trial led by Southern Cross University. If you think that you may wish to be involved, please contact me. This is a unique opportunity to support practice-based research

Mental health is one of the most common conditions that health practitioners are faced treating. From general anxiety disorder to severe depression, people are always looking for ways to improve their mental health. Aside from pharmaceutical treatment, there are a plethora of herbs, supplements and formulations that may have therapeutic benefit. However, claims of curing depression should be used with caution as mental health is a very delicate condition.

In making claims of what may support mental health there needs to be the clinical trials to support the product and its claims. Supplements that support mental health are in therapeutic demand so it makes sense to participate in the research.

The team of researchers at Southern Cross University are undertaking a trial in whether probiotics, glutamine and fish oil may be beneficial in reducing symptoms of phycological distress. This is a practice-based trial and I have been selected to be one of the team of practitioners that will be taking part in the study.

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