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Accreditation Achievement

Exciting news. I have just received accreditation from Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). Hooray...

Why is this important?

Registration with ATMS gives professional recognition to my qualifications. I am bound by the society’s ethics and code of conduct and must practice within these guidelines to remain registered.

The following is a copy of my accreditation.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is:

  1. Identify the requirements for clinical practice in the natural medicine profession

  2. Identify the fundamental professional commitments of members

  3. Act as a guide for ethical and proper practice

  4. Clarify what constitutes unprofessional conduct

  5. Indicate to the community the values which are expected of ATMS members.

The ethics and code of conduct that ATMS registration encompasses may not make the most interesting reading for everyone so in short the best words to summarise the code is; first do no harm. This phrase is often referred to as the "Hypocratic Oath", in latin it is phrased

" Primum non noncere".

Personally I could not choose a better code to begin my registration. Nutritional medicine has the foundation of allowing the body to heal itself; it sometimes just needs some help to get the process of healing started.

Registration with ATMS enables me to access pathology testing through Laverty Pathology. Offering pathology to my clients means that I can look at their symptoms in greater detail. Often testing that naturopaths and nutritionists request are not always offered by general physicians and can often give vital insight into the pathophysiology of their presenting symptoms.

Displaying my ATMS registration in my clinic is my client’s assurance that I act professionally at all times and in accordance with the standards that registration expects.

In addition registering with ATMS allows me to register with health funds for health care rebates.

Upon receiving my acceptance of registration I now feel truly complete in my path to establish a comprehensive nutritional practice. One that strives to provides practical and effective treatment plans and support to clients in their aims to improve their health.

Look forward to meeting you soon and helping you learn how to love your life.

To find out how nutritional medicine can support your well-being make an appointment with Holy Mackerel Health.

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