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Supplement Safety

I refer to today's ABC Article on Review of herbal supplements finds Chinese medicine laced with toad venom. As a practitioner of complementary medicine I am always concerned about the safety of supplements and the well being of my clients. I am also frustrated with our industry that is portrayed as by the media as being a bunch of "snake oil sellers!".

I encourage all my clients to always use supplements that are TGA approved. This is clearly marked on approved products. Chinese herbal medicine is difficult to regulate and this is becoming problematic for all Complementary Alternative Medicine practitioners suggesting that their herbal formulas carry the same risk. Naturopaths and nutritionist should never mislead people that supplements have no adverse reactions.

Naturopaths and nutritionists are trained in pharmacology. We know what the contraindications are and who may not respond well to certain supplements. The most common example is caution with Warfarin.

I feel I need to add that Australian and New Zealand manufactured supplements are amongst the highest standards in the world. As more people purchase their supplements online they are losing this protection of the TGA and the quality standard that our supplements uphold.

The article talks about a man who ended up with liver failure from Garcinia Cambogia and green tea protein powder purchased the supplement online from overseas. There needs to be more awareness of the risks buying supplements online, especially imported ones that are not TGA approved.

If you have any doubts on the safety of a supplement or herbal remedy that you may have purchased contact the TGA. TGA WEBSITE

For further information and consultation on supplements make an appointment with me today.

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