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In answering why my clients seek nutritional treatment its best to understand what a nutritionist does. Nutritionists practice nutritional medicine, which is the modality dedicated to correcting imbalances in the body through diet. Nutritionists consider the whole body not just the presenting complaint, therefore we do ask a diverse range of questions about your entire body system. Nutritionists work very similarly to naturopaths; we have studied the same core subjects in our accreditation however nutritionists are not trained in herbal medicine or homeopathy.

So do you think you would benefit from seeing a nutritionist? Here are some of the common health concerns that clients will come to me for nutritional consultation and treatment:

  • GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUES: this has to be the most presenting symptom that I treat. Complaints of bloating, reflux, diarrhoea, constipation are all addressed in nutritional medicine. The treatment aims include healing the gut, improving nutrient absorption and reducing symptoms. Individuals with IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, Ceoliac’s disease and food intolerances can find improvements in their symptoms in following a nutritionally focused treatment protocol.

  • WEIGHT GAIN: if going on a 12 week body challenge for the 5th time doesn’t appeal to you and you want to keep the kilos off for good, it may be beneficial to seek a nutritionist. We do not package all weight issues in a generic 12 week program. We look at the individual and their personal health and lifestyle issues, then make a program that works for you. In the process, a nutritionist will address any metabolic imbalances that may be present.

  • IMMUNE DYSREGULATION: conditions including; auto-immune diseases, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, food allergies, hay fever and sinusitis can find a reduction in symptoms by following nutritional treatment protocols. We believe in treating the condition not just the symptom, for many allergy/atopy sufferers they find the treatment brings long lasting relief.

  • STRESS, ANXIETY AND MILD DEPRESSION: it sounds so simplistic to suggest changing what we eat and addressing nutritional deficiencies may support the mind, however many clients will find that their wellbeing is improved by making changes to their diet.

  • HORMONAL IMBALANCES: women who have conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, amenorrhea, early menopause or just plain old menopause, hypothyroidism may benefit from nutritional treatment.

  • PREGNANCY AND BREASTFEEDING: In preparation for pregnancy seeing a nutritionist may improve your wellbeing during pregnancy. Nutritionally we can do so much to support baby’s development in utero. Many mothers struggle with the demands of breastfeeding, adequate nutritional support can increase the success and longevity of breastfeeding.

  • PREVENTION OF CHRONIC DISEASE: if you are at risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol you would defiantly benefit from seeing a nutritionist. We can do so much with our diet to try and prevent and manage chronic disease through the diet.

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